TODO Comments in Visual Studio

Using TODO

imageTODO comments allow you to tell Visual Studio to maintain a central list of tasks, which it reads from many different places in your code. The Task List is a panel or floating window in Visual Studio that will display all the TODO comments in your project. To open the list, go to View menu -> Task List.

Some example TODO comments

You probably have a lot of code that needs a lot of work. If you don’t, then you need to write code that needs a lot of work. Here are some examples of TODO lines that Visual Studio 2008 will notice and put into its special Task Pane.

//todo: your task 1
//TODO: your task 2
// Todo your task 3

Description of example. This will appear in your tasks pane as a separate task. Note that you have some flexibility with these tokens. The strings "todo", "TODO", and "TODO" all work equally well—Visual Studio’s parser gives you a little bit of freedom.

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