difference between yum, apt-get, rpm, ./configure && make install


These tools all install software into your system, but are working on different levels.

  • ./configure && make install

    Running ./configure && make install builds and installs the libraries or executables directly from the source code.

    The make install step basically just copies the final files into your system. Many sources come with a special make uninstall rule to remove them again, but this is not guaranteed and of course only works as long as you have the configured sources around. Also, this does not take care of required dependencies.

    Often there is only the source code available for a certain package, so this is the only way to go. Also, ./configure usually accepts lots of options allowing you to tailor your package.

    Not being able to find out what software installed which file, and the lack of a reliable way to remove them from the system are major shortcomings of this approach.

  • RPM (Redhat Package Manager)

    rpm installs already configured and compiled software in your system and it also comes with a uninstall to get rid of it again. The packages have to be created by somebody. This person already decided on what features to include and how to best integrate the package into your system layout. It also comes with a list of dependencies.

    Since rpms are used for many distributions there, you will often want to make sure that this rpm was written for your distribution so that install paths, dependencies and other housekeeping things integrate well.

    On Debian systems, the equivalent package format is .deb and the installation and database is handled by the dpkg tool.

  • Yum

    yum is an additional wrapper around rpm. It keeps its own database of rpm files available for your distribution, generally in online repositories. For the stable versions of most distributions all packages inside that database will play well with each other. This database can be searched (e.g. with yum search some_name).

    It will also automatically resolve dependencies for you. Packages (and with some extra help their dependencies) can be easily uninstalled as well.

    On Debian systems, the equivalent repository and dependency-resolution tools are provided by Apt (apt-get and aptitude).

So to sum it up: if you just want some software try yum first. If it is not available there, you can try to find an existing rpm package. If there is none or you have some special requirements, build from source.

aptitude is probably the better one to recommend; it included apt-get because it's widely referred to, and a reader who doesn't know about aptitude may have heard of apt-get.

Aptitude is an Ncurses based FrontEnd to Apt, the debian package manager. Since it is text based, it is run from a terminal or a CLI (command line interface). Aptitude has a number of useful features, including:

  • a mutt-like syntax for matching packages in a flexible manner
  • mark packages as "automatically installed" or "manually installed" so that packages can be auto-removed when no longer required
  • colorful preview of actions about to be taken
  • dselect-like persistence of user actions
  • the ability to retrieve and display the Debian changelog of most packages
  • AptCLI-like (= apt-get + apt-cache) command line mode ("aptitude install foo")
    Score-based and (usually) smarter dependency resolver than apt-get

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easy_install connection problem

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Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Error in firefox(FF) The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. Solution, Seems like this is a firefox issue since that has never happened on IE, Safari or Opera on me. Do you guys not think a simple patch can fix this problem. I have to delete individual cookies every few days. Posted in: Others| Tags: firefox cookie

Free Website Templates Guide


You can have a professional looking website in a matter of minutes without having to pay a web designer hundreds to thousands of dollars in fees...

Free website templates sites available anywhere on the Internet. You can easily find them by typing

Save Time and Money

Not only will you save in costs, but you will get your website completed much faster than if you had to build one from scratch.? If you have some working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Photoshop, then using these free website templates should be a snap...? If you are not familiar with these skills, then you can learn the basics from free online tutorials.? It will only take you a little bit more time to build your site than someone who already has the experience.

This brief guide will introduce you to what you can do with these free website templates.

Getting Started?

Before you do anything, you should read the rules that have these pages with their templates. As a rule, they will change the templates or redistribution would, if you give them a credit to the original source to ... And you need not necessarily return directly to their website.

They can remove the link from your template. However, they do not want to do your template and will be repackaged resell. Only in that case, their condition and they just use the template to believe that you are not paying you each individual Web and what is not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in designer fees given.

High Quality Themes

Don't be fooled by the word "free."? Many of these templates have a contemporary professional look...? And the way that is achieved is with the high quality stock images or photos included.? If you were to build these templates from scratch, normally you would find these images from sites that offer stock photos that may then make you pay royalties for using them.

Immediate Download

And some free Web site templates site, you give your email address or do not register. They sign up for your newsletter, do not intend to send spam. Your hard drive can be quickly downloaded from their site click on the link to save the ZIP file.

Everything You Need

As an example, inside these zipped files you will find an index.htm file, a style.css file, a PSD file and an image folder containing images.? Here's a breakdown of what these files are for:

1. Index.htm - This is the basic template which contains the HTML code.? In this file you can add the links going to other pages within your site or links going outside.? To keep the theme or design the same within your site, you'll have to copy this file, modify it and rename it for each of the different pages you want your site to have.

2. Style.css - This is the file that controls the look of your site.? In this file, you can change the font type, color and size.? You can also modify or add things such as background colors, borders, spacing, alignments, positioning and more.

3. The private sector - which is graphic files, you can modify. You can open this file in Photoshop to customize it. For example, you can cover more than one text image web site's name. Since many people are using these templates, this is a good idea to make your site by changing the molecules on the sole provider of graphical bit.

4. Image folder - This folder contains the images related to the theme of the template you chose.? Besides images of objects or people, it may include buttons, round corners, borders or spacers.? Files are either in the .gif or .jpeg format.

Summing Up?

If you are afraid of screwing up these templates, then there's always the option of hiring someone with the necessary skills and experience.

Now that you know where to easily find free website templates and what you can do with them, you'll soon be on your way to creating your own professional website giving your visitors the confidence to buy what you're selling.

Copyright ? 2008 by Leroy Chan

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Free Webmaster Resource Directory


Codingcoding.com - A Free Webmasters Resource Directory

Codingcoding.com is one of the best webmaster resource directories. Here you will find plenty of free online scripts, tools, books, tutorials and webmaster information, articles, website design and development resources.

If you are a webmaster and looking for free content resources to make your website more attractive for the visitors, then here comes our directory to fulfill your needs in the best possible way. Most of the resource contents listed is free of cost and some are commercially licensed. Apart from providing best website content resources, Codingcoding.com also allows users to register and submit their scripts, tools, tutorials and other development resources to its already existing categories. Any user who wants to submit a web resource to the directory can add their websites link at CodingCoding.com for free, which very few other directories offer. The web resource content submitted is added only after being reviewed by experts.

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It also serves as a stepping stone for the beginners to start their web development venture in an easy manner. The links to free tutorials of some of the best sites is a boon for beginners. CodingCoding.com has links to forums for each and every subject individually, so that users don’t have to worry about their comments or doubts being left unnoticed. These forums of various resource sites can be used to share the knowledge of visitors, and also to rectify the doubts from the subject matter experts.

We, Web using a high-quality collection of resources, we are aiming to provide programmers and developers plan to add many more features listed in the directory in the next few years.

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Free Software Design Website


Attractive but expensive specialized, making it valuable to design a website to consider using a free web site design software is readily available. The following article explores the possibility of designing your own website to consider why.

In this day and age, please have all their own corporate website. Companies with a website, to notify customers of important changes to business support and can help to attract new customers.

Individuals also have their own Web sites is becoming increasingly aware of the interest, whether it is after the family or friends, or to display their talent to share their photos posted works or works.

Beginner web designers would do well with Web Plus, A free website design program. It is readily available online.

An alternative brand of software is Nvu. It can also be obtained free of cost and is compatible with both Windows and Microsoft operating systems. Nvu also does not require any knowledge of HTML code, making it suitable for beginners as well. The program even provides ready-made templates and some generic images, and users can design an entire website using just the tools included in the program.

Most website designers are of the opinion that Dreamweaver and FrontPage are the best software to use in designing a website.

Dreamweaver is an Adobe Product and although it's one of the most detailed and well-resourced web design software programs, it comes at a steep cost.

The same is true of FrontPage which is part of the Microsoft series of products. Another drawback, beyond the cost of these products is that require the user to know advanced HTML.

With so many free options available web design software, a beginner really needs to pay to acquire the necessary software to design a website. Websites can be designed easily using
free software and they can be made to look professionally done as well.

As long as personal use of free web design software, understanding of basic computer commands and taking note of their time to choose a template, colors and fonts, they can create a great looking website, the next day.

Almost all the free programs that are available come with an interactive tutorial that allows the user the opportunity to see how the software in order to be able to create their own personal website in no time at all.

Unless you have extensive experience in HTML is no justification for an expensive web design programs of trouble. There are many free web site authoring software options available in the click of a mouse. You can download one and the final design of your site.

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Free scripts for computer programmers and developers!


Scripting languages have definitely becoming more popular and every day more and more people are interested in doing what they can. Some of them are more advanced than others, such as Perl, or Ajax.

What is the best place to find some free scripts, if not the Internet? It is guaranteed that a simple search on the Internet some of the most interesting web scripts that you will reveal've ever seen. Whether you are looking for a PHP script, ASP script, or Perl script can be sure what you're looking for. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to find out that programming (web scripts are) generally used to improve existing sites to improve certain properties. The interesting thing is that will be processed during the server functions, the web scripts function on the user's browser.

There are many reasons why you could be interested in using scripting languages and free web scripts. You can appeal to a PHP script in order to make different interfaces, to any other type of script to improve the functionality of a search engine and in general, to web scripts to make web-based emails easier to use.

Programming language has become popular all sites, in the HTML has been closed, in fact contribute to the World Wide Web functions. Today, there are a pair of Web search script that a lot of people hope that they will contribute to the use of scripting languages through the development of the Internet. You know, a free script that can be used to create an extensive menu to add graphics to web pages or dynamic ad creation, and even (this is why they are also called dynamic languages reasons).

The development of the Internet and the wealth of information directly contributed to the popularization of scripting languages. Specialized resources devoted to this theme throughout, and offers free scripts (ASP, Ajax, PHP, GCI, Perl) for all those who are interested. Many more examples of scripting languages could be given, but you will certainly find it on your own. There are DHTML tutorial, if you still want to gain more knowledge, and devoted an impressive number of tutorials on the most popular programming languages - ASP tutorial, PHP or Perl tutorial tutorial.

Search Professional Web directory script, how to select from. Also provide that if there is something you can freely submit your own scripts. Enjoy the list from the time and resources, the most recent additions, please do not forget to check whether or not to exist on the website. The most important thing is to get hold of quality software for the web in my mind!

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Free Absolute Poker Download


Download the program for the novice poker absolute, without necessarily spending a lot of money, to learn the game of poker is the ideal way and the new players. This is a direct, free software can be downloaded from websites or other affiliated sites absolute poker.

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The latest update with the download system is playing through cell phone or other mobile handheld device. High-end cell phones with Internet connection or mobile broadband could avail of this service and play online poker tournaments without significant disruptions and problems. This is because the absolute poker website has been modified to be viewed using any devices since the graphics and Java players used are also available in any formats. This has tremendously increased the client and consumer base availing of the free download system. In fact, there are at least a million registered players, chatters and surfers who have signed up with the different online programs of the absolute poker download system.

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