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Basic maintenance of laptop

Liquid crystal display screen (LCD Panel)

* When not using the computer, through the function keys on the keyboard LCD screen only temporarily turned off, in addition to saving electricity can also be extended outside the screen life.

* Do not force the screen above the LCD screen lid or place any foreign body between the keyboard and display screen to avoid the glass above the internal components due to damage caused by stress.

* Do not use fingernails and sharp objects (matter) touch screen to avoid scratching the surface.

* LCD screen surface adsorption due to electrostatic and dust, the proposed purchase of liquid crystal display screen, special cleaning cloth to clean your screen, do not shoot except with your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints, and gently wipe.

* Do not use chemical cleaning agents wipe the screen.

Batteries (Battery)

* When the case of no external power supply, if the working conditions at the time slot being less than PCMCIA cards, it is recommended to remove the card first to extend battery life.

* Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for optimum working temperature battery, the temperature is too high or too low, the operating environment will reduce the battery time.

* Can provide a stable power supply in the environment using a laptop computer(laptop repair Houston), remove the battery for extended battery life is not right by. On Asus laptops, when fully charged battery, the battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur.

* It is recommended to conduct a three-month average battery power correction action.

* Power Adapter (AC Adapter) when used with reference to international voltage that ”

Keyboard (Keyboard)

* Accumulation of dust, use a small brush to clean the cracks, or use the camera lens is usually in high-pressure jet cleaning tank, blowing the dust, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris on the keyboard.

* Clean the surface can be coated with a soft cloth with a little cleaner, in the case of gently wipe off the keyboard surface.