Surprisingly, not every person wants to hear your music. When you are busy pumping your HD sound system mix-tapes other people in the office say that they cannot concentrate and they usually wish you get fired. For this reason among others, headphones have become an absolute necessity in our daily lives. It was long before the infamous Apple white earbuds were produced by Steve Jobs, and Dr. Dre jumped into the game, that people began having tunes pumped into their ears. Here is basically how the whole process went down.

1881 – Way before dubstep, MP3s and the premium Spotify account, earbuds had very little to do with music. Back in 1880’s, the first headphone was used by telephone operators. It was simply a single earpiece which rested on the shoulder of the user and weighed more than 10 pounds.

1895 – Thanks to electrophone systems, in 1895 folks started rocking out to the sickly beats of local opera house music from the comfort of their homes. Subscribers to this pricey service could listen through earbuds which looked more like stethoscopes since they were very big and people produced big sounds on a stage which is miles away.

1910 – Nathaniel Baldwin started manufacturing the first modern types of headphones. He crafted the headphones in his kitchen before selling them to the U.S. Navy officers. This was the first time that a pair of cans resembled the headphones that we see today. However, Baldwin never patented the headphones.

1937 – The DT-48 from Beyer dynamics became the 1st dynamic headphone to hit the markets. Though it would seem to be few decades before the electrostatic headphone came into playing, this was a huge forward leap in headphone`s story. Dynamic headphones have remained the most popular type of headphones on the market till today.

1949 – With designs in mind, AKG produced its first pair of headphone, the K120. In the event that they were produced again today, they would definitely sell like hotcakes at the Urban Outfitters. The model and many other popular ones which followed, were good enough to make AKG quit film equipment businesses and just focus on audio.

1968 – A decade after the introduction of the first stereo headphones, Koss decided to unleash his first US made electrostatic models. The ESP-6 clocked at around 2 pounds which means that they were not exactly like putting on a pair of headphones, but they were still a long way from the huge pieces that had been created less than a century before.

1979 – If you were to pick the most significant event in history of headphones you would definitely be hard-pressed to fail choosing Sony dropping the Walkman. As time passed, headphones had to become portable. Included together with the purchases of the first Walkman was Sony’s MDL-3L2 headphone and all that you needed to rock to London calling as you roller skate in your driveways.

1958 – John C. Koss changed the game of headphones in a way which could make Dr. Dre jealous. In 1958, he created Koss SP-3, the very first stereo headphones and then launched all out assaults on the awaiting ear canals. Over the next decades, Koss dominated the headphones industry by doing it without the need to have pesky college education.earbuds for you

1959 – At a show in held in Tokyo, Stax debuted the first ever electrostatic pairs of headphones, the SR-1 which went into production the following year. Currently, they are extremely rare for instance the original pair of the Nike Air Mag.

1980’s – For men who were prone to headphones hair, the 1980’s offered one of the first solutions. Both the in-ear headphone and earbud were made their way into the scene in 1980’s even though they did not reach their peak in popularity until Steven Jobs changed the music game a few years later.

1997 – In case you wanted to keep your own hair in check but also hated mere the fact that earbuds could not isolate sound well, Sony thought that you may like a pair of its neckband headphones.

2000 – Loud snorers and screaming babies met their match when Bose Company unveiled their QuietComfort lines. Even though pilots had been using the noise-cancelling technology for a long time, passengers could also now get relief on the loud flights.

2001 – The iPod changed the whole universe of music. It became a common thing to see a lot of people with white cords running from their pockets to their ears a number of times a day. From their inception in 2001, more than 300 million iPods have already been sold with the accompanying pairs of earbuds.

2008 –Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre joined forces along with Monster to create the Beats by Dre headphones. These headphones have been designed with a deep bass and great sound qualities in mind .The Beats by Dre line quickly grabbed a very large market share and they could be seen on almost every NBA player as he walked from their buses to the locker rooms.

2012 – Headphones have now become much about style as opposed to sound quality. This might never have been more relevant than when Lil Wayne wore $1 million dollars pair of Beats by Dre.

Why are Earbuds So Popular Today?

Sets expectations that you are occupied

When you put on your earbuds, you set an expectation of being engrossed in deep thoughts or working. This will make people think twice about interrupting you, whenever your earbuds are on.

Creates your own work zones.

In case you work in noisy or busy environments, putting your earbuds on can prove to be your ticket to creating your own private zone by tuning into your music while turning off the other soundtracks.


Music is a great motivator. Besides isolating you, music can also serve to pump your mood and energy. Prevents interruptions/distractions. When you concentrate on a very tough task, being distracted by hallway chat on sports scores or politics is the last thing you would like to hear. Music will eliminate distractions while keeping you on task.

Earbuds helps one to choose their own attitude

Whether your attitude requires quick pickups or few minutes of calmness, your music will definitely set your mood. Few minutes of peaceful music will serve as great breaks from the bustle and hustles of the day.
Some popular earbuds available today are:

Yamaha HPH-200

This is studio or home-style open air headphones which comes with a mini-plug 1/4-inch plug`s adapter and an extension audio cord.

Only Trainer ES-BT1

This is a portable Bluetooth wireless ear headphones which comes with USB charging cables.

Denon Exercise Freak AH-W150

This is a portable and wireless Bluetooth ear-insert earphone which comes with 4 pairs of earpieces of different sizes, a carrying case and micro-USB charging cables.

Onkyo Trainer ES-BT1

This is a wireless closed 0n-ear earbud which comes with one USB charging cable.

BlueAnt Wireless Pump HD Sportbud

This is a portable Bluetooth and wireless ear-insert earbuds which comes with 6 pairs of noise-isolating earpieces of different sizes, a pair of non-isolating earpiece, 2 pairs of the ear bowl supports and one USB charging cable.

noise cancelling earbuds

When purchasing earbuds, several factors have to be put into consideration:


Headphones normally come in different styles which fit your ears and sound differently whenever you wear them. Thus you should consider the form of the earbuds before purchasing them.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancelling type of headphones usually sample the noises around you and plays inverted versions of that sound, or use certain materials that fit directly around or in the ears, thus cancelling the effect of noise around you. You should therefore check the sound cancellation capabilities of earbuds before buying them.

Where to Buy

Your best place for buying earbuds should be a local store which specializes in

audio facilities. This will enable you to try out a number of headphones before making purchases. Or check out a legitimate review site with a good reputation to do the testing for you.

Durability and Warranty

The reason as to why we often buy new headphones is because old ones often get somehow destroyed or break.  Ensure that you look at the durability ratings, as well as the warranty offered on the earbuds before you make a purchase.


When you try out headphones, you should leave them on for some time, about 15 minutes and see if they offer maximum comfort.


Lastly, you will want to test this, as it is one of the most important features: how the earbuds sound. Throw some eminent speaker sound tests on MP3 players to test for the sound before reaching for the wallet.