JavaScript: Programming Versatility

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Technology keeps on changing every day. Better applications are built with each passing moment, bigger data storage capacities in smaller containers and better programming languages. Technology is one very versatile field, one that needs its professionals to always keep on their toes or else they run the risk of being 21st century dinosaurs. The number of programming languages being used today to create and deploy applications cannot even be counted. There are just too many of them. But what programming language is the best and most popular of them all?

While many would argue that php and java are the most popular and best programming languages out there, I would differ on that matter and opt for JavaScript. Yes I know that some software developers don’t even consider JavaScript a programming language at all, saying that it is just a scripting language. If anything, JavaScript has in the recent years proven that it is a worthy programming language owing to the strides it keeps on making as a language. Today, more and more developers are embracing JavaScript for both client side and server side programming. The fact that there are frameworks that can make JavaScript function for both client side and server side programming has endeared it to more developers leading to more developers adopting JavaScript as their primary language of choice. Below are two of my best JavaScript frameworks.

Angular.js: this is one of the most popular client side JavaScript is an open source language maintained by google and a host of individual developers and organization all who seek to combat the challenges that face single page applications. This framework offers a very fast way of running client side single page applications.

Node.js: node.js is an upcoming server side JavaScript framework that large corporations are adopting. It offers very fast simultaneous communication with a server and the fact that it is light has made it the framework of choice for any server side programming.

With such frameworks, I don’t see why anyone would not consider JavaScript to be one of the leading programming languages in current times.